Wedding Collection Pro

For HD and SD productions $199.95
*now available for EDIUS Pro 7
Motion backgrounds, confetti animations, animated overlays and write on words each with gold pen and particle effect option. You can use any combination of motion background and overlay animations. The word animations come ready to go and can provide a variety of write on titles.

FAST DISPATCH - NTSC Sales to USA & Canada - PAL Sales to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, S.Africa, etc.
UK residents can order direct from our UK Studios, contact us for details.

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HD and SD write on animated title construction kits

Create your own custom write on title!




*now available for EDIUS Pro 7

Personalize your next wedding video!

Construct a title with the names of the bride and groom, see them written out letter by letter in an elegant gold font, use the fun style Artbrush font when it gets to party time.
Each kit comes with an alphabet of animated letters and numbers that write themselves to the screen as if by hand when added to the timeline, you can change the color, size, position and speed of any of the characters.
There are optional particle effects and depending on product an animated pen, wand or brush.
Follow the links above to see our demos and discover more about ShowStoppersFX write on title animations!